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  • November 26, 2018 marked the 23rd anniversary of this site.
  • Over the past 5 or so years, Petfinder and other sites have become dominant, and it is now much easier for organizations and individuals to create their own web sites. Many of the people who were regular contributors here have retired from rescue, and rescue organizations have folded. As a result, this site has seen less and less activity. Still, I'll gladly post new listings.
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The goal of the Australian Shepherd Rescue Page is to help find great homes to adopt rescued Aussies. You'll find listings of available purebred Aussies that have been rescued by Aussie Rescue organizations, other rescue organizations and shelters, and private individuals. You will also find separate Aussie mix listings; dogs that are definitely not purebred, or may not be purebred, are listed there. These dogs are located throughout the USA and Canada.

You can browse through the listings, search, or use an index. The listings have been indexed in several different ways, including by the location of the dog.

If you want to list a dog, please read How To List An Aussie and About the Listings first!

There are many reasons why adopting a dog is a great idea! Please consider adopting an Aussie, volunteering to help, or making a donation to Aussie Rescue. If not for the efforts of volunteers and Aussie Rescue organizations, many of these dogs would be destroyed. Instead, wonderful homes are found for them where they can enrich the lives of their new families.

Progress is being made on upgrading the site so that listings for Border Collies and Border Collie mixes can be accepted.

The site has been operating continuously since October of 1996, and on since late 2000. The rescue listings are possible thanks to the ongoing efforts of a great many Aussie Rescue volunteers.

This site probably holds the largest publicly accessible collection of Australian Shepherd photos, which currently stands at over 11,000 photos.

The site was last updated Tue Apr 30 16:44:10 2019 PDT
More than 10,268 dogs have been listed